Sunday, January 14

Ubuntu on a old laptop

Got hold of a old laptop for some work that I did over last week, nothing amazin. A HP Omibook XE2 running PIII 500mhz and 128MB of ram, but it seems to run Ubuntu OK. Did try to put on XP but it just wouldn't have it and when I finally got it all started it kept booting and saying it had run out of virtual memory, so I left it at that.
Anyway, while Ubuntu runs its a little laggy. So I'm looking at putting on the Xubuntu which is there versions of the OS but with the XFCE desktop environment, which is far lighter then the standard Gnome interface it runs.
After that the next trick is to try to get the wireless card working, so far I ain't been very successful.
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Blogger SafeTinspector said...

What chipset is the wireless card running?

11:10 am  
Blogger Dan said...


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