Wednesday, September 14

Fuel shortage and my hunt for some.

Well due to the increased price in fuel and the planned road bloackade by haulers and farmers this week, there has been panic buying of petrol and now theres a shortage (only seems to be unleaded everywhere had diesel). Something I don't need as I travel 130 miles a day to get to work requiring me to fill up every trip (its only a 24 l tank). While I support the blockade as the cost of fuel is making my trip to work very expensive, the single largest cost infact, it does make getting to work rather a challenge.
On my trip home last night I drove past many garages either closed or with signs up show they had no unleaded. Something I also found at my usal fuel stop of ASDA Havant which you'll see in the first picture. This ment I had to drive over to Tesco Havant, which was open but had no unleaded. So onward I went to Farlington Shell services which had a bit of a queue at it, see the second picture. When I got to the pump turned out they only had the premium fuel, see the thrid picture.. Optimax, at 98.9 pence per litre, 5 pence more then the normal stuff. I stuck it in anyway as I wasn't sure as to where else I could get some from and I needed to be sure I could get to work tomorrow. While I could probably make 2 trips on the GT as I uses about 11-12 litres a time, I'd be pushing it rather close to the reserve.
So I look forward to my fuel hunt again tonight.


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