Tuesday, September 13

Having a MRI

Well until such time as I manage to rule the world I'll be carrying on with my 'normal' life. So here's is the first exciting draft....
Today I had a MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging ), which I will go into but first I'll add a little detail as to why I need a MRI:
4 months ago I got recovered for a flat tyre... The bike fell off the transporter when it was being loaded, I was on the bike guiding it under the operators request. He ran out of push. Bike fell off (no where to put my feet as I was on a single ramp). Had to claim on my insurance as they are being funny about it. Going though a solicitors as my knee is stuffed too, thus the need for a MRI.

Now the MRI was at the Bupa Hospital Portsmouth as I'm rather lucky to have a company health plan, so I was able to get it sorted quickly. The MRI machine was in a truck trailer as you can see from the picture. I had to go into the tube which is rather small so I imagine any large people could be rather stuck. I also had to ensure I had removed any metal from my body. Though I was able to keep my rings on as I was only in the MRI from the stomach down, which I was glad about as I have yet to take my wedding ring off since getting married. The MRI its self was about 40 minutes, which I was told to keep still, and if I wanted to go to sleep. Though you have to wear ear defenders as its rather loud and I was able to still hear it, so I 'dozed'. Came out just fine, had a look at some of the pic's not that they made much sense to me but it was rather funky. Seeing slices of my knee. Got dressed and went off to work again. In all a painless and easy experience, the worst thing that happened was my bum went num.


Blogger Mitch said...

Hey Grinch! Yeah, I had an MRI about a year ago. I actually asked around about MRI's on SV650.org before I went. When I was told to remove all metal, I was slightly concerned... I have two screws in my knee. I was worried that my knee would be slammed against the inner tube of the MRI machine. As it turned out, that didn't happen. Did you get the dye injection? Also, mine was loud too. I had some headphones blaring music but didn't seem to help as I could still hear the ratteling and banging of the MRI machine. Glad things went OK.

8:18 pm  
Blogger Dan said...

Didn't have the dye injection,they must have not felt the need for it.
Thanks for your imput.. :-)

2:14 pm  

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