Friday, September 23

Free Lunch

Woo Hoo.. companys bought us all a free pizza lunch..


Anonymous Johnson said...

Mmm, I could eat that right now. And did Jax fix you some bagels today too?

1:24 pm  
Blogger Dan said...

She's made me some sandwiches today too, though I'll keep them for my lunch tomorrow. Plus as I'm working late and going into London shes made me some bangers & mash to zap.
Lucky man that I am.

3:39 pm  
Anonymous Johnson said...

What are you up to tonite then?

4:12 pm  
Blogger Dan said...

If you look on my other blog you will see that I'm off to the Soho Frith Street Bike meet.
Who is this anyway?

4:53 pm  
Anonymous Johnson said...

I wondered when you'd ask!


Johnson's a family name.

5:09 pm  
Blogger RisingSlowly said...

This site should come with a health warning. You are soooooooooooooo lucky! Pizza's crap here in Japan.

5:50 pm  
Blogger Dan said...

A there's a business window if ever I saw one.. decent pizza in Japan...

5:54 pm  
Blogger Wonkey donkey said...

Mmmm pizza is so good, not sure what all the crap is on the top there though. Like mine simple, cheese tomato and sweetcorn, mm mmmm.

7:22 pm  

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