Friday, September 16

My love of a good blog

Well I must say I'm starting to love this blogging and its ease of use. Gives me something to do for lunch while I eat my soft cheese and olive bagel that my lovely wife made for me last night. Something she does for me everyday, lucky man that I am. I think the bit I like the most is the random searching of other peoples blogs, seeing the little snippets of thier life and finding out something new.
I'll drink my coffee now, not that you can call it that as it comes from a machine and I'm sure its made from dried hamsters or something, but its free. Like most people if someone tells me its free I'll have a go at it.
Oh do you like the cup for my coffee, its mainly to ensure that no one steals it, not sure if the little analogy it true. Can you work out where I work???


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