Wednesday, September 14

He's a bit of a Screamer

Turns out our son has found his lungs fully now, but this does not just involve making 'cute' little noises. Oh no. He's started screaming at everything, someone's come into the room 'SCREAM', Miffy's on the TV 'SCREAM', there's the cat 'SCREAM', I've seen my milk 'SCREAM'. You name it he screams at it. So far I've missed out as I've been at work but Jax has phoned me and he's been screaming in the back ground and its rather painful. I just hope he finds a new noise soon as I know its killing Jax's head, might have to take up wearing ear plugs around the house. He's also in that stage of putting everything in his mouth regardless of its size, the pic here shows his new love of fruit. Oh and if he can't get in his mouth, can you guess what he does.... Something along the line of 'SCREAM'.



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