Thursday, September 22

6 Months Old

Little man was 6 months yesterday, which according to the department of health is a good time to start him on solids. Something that we have had him on for sometime now, though this was in mix due to his Reflux and Colic plus the advise we got from other parent's with the same problems. The plan is to give him more solids and less milk, also maybe let him interact more with his own food. Oh the mess that is to come.
Any way happy 6 months PJ only other 6 more and you'll be 1 year old, its hard to believe.... I'm a Dad.



Blogger RisingSlowly said...

You really are enjoying being a father and it's nice to have a father be so proud of his lovely will be a great thing for your son to read when he is older. You must keep this blog going even when we are all flying around in rocket boots!

9:53 am  
Blogger Dan said...

oh rocket boots.. nice... want some now. But yes I plan to leave this here. Hopefully he'll find time to read it when he's older.

9:57 am  

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