Tuesday, September 13

Shooting in the Woods

Nope its not some kind of coded message for something else, tonight I was taken to a shooting club and given the chance to fire off a few pistols and a rifle. Something that is very difficult to do in the UK and even more so fire anything over a .22. From the photo you can see left to right some of the spent rounds - 308, .45, 9mm and .22.
My favorite was the 9mm Beretta, though the 45 had a clear and prominent kick. The rifle was the biggest shock, with a serious punch and the target being 100 yards away I was surprised that I hit it with every shot.

In use at the range, the .22 pistol was a Colt Woodsman Sport, as mentioned a 9mm Beretta, followed by a USP .45 and finally a AR-15 rifle.



Blogger Frederik said...

Cool blog mate!

I really liked the post with the shooting i so wanna do that too, and it's just as hard to get arranged in Denmark :/

7:43 pm  
Blogger Kurbs said...

Just another thing we Americans take for granted!

7:26 pm  
Blogger Dan said...

Yes it was good fun... Nice chance to have a go.

10:06 am  

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