Monday, September 12

Tips and Travel Notes

Few tips and other notes taken from the travel experience that I have had over this weekend, with the joy of flight cancellation and the numerous check-ins and customs checks.

  1. At Chicago, America Airlines internal travel, terminal 3 don't go to the security check-in where bus/mono-rail drops you. Head for the ones at either end of the terminal, they are usually much quieter, and in our case we where the only people being checked.
  2. Chicago has no free wi-fi, if you can wait when you hop on to Rochester pick up any mail there as they give you it free in the airport, lovely people.
  3. If your flight is cancelled try to get to baggage claim as soon as you can as it closes at 10pm, or if your really unlucky eariler.
  4. If you can't get your bag make sure you ask them for the complementary 'toiletries', as if you don't ask they won't give it to you.
  5. Make sure you take something to read, listen, watch as you will be spending huge amount of time waiting at the airport for customs and such.
  6. 2hr change time between flights is the minimum you need to leave as the US customs checks take a huge amount of time.
That's all for now, but I'm sure more fun will come in time.



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