Wednesday, July 22

God like...

Today I performed a miracle, well the the Ladybird that I saved I did. Its must have landed on my shirt when I went for a walk at lunch, so end up in the building with me when I went back in the office. Now there is no way poor little Ladybird could have back-out with all the fire doors and closed windows.
So a miracle was performed, I clasped it in my hand, when down the stairs and through a few doors and released the tiny beetle. Now you might not think this is a miracle but imagine if the same had happened to you, trapped somewhere no knowing where and huge hand came down scooped you up and then suddenly released you into the world free again. Sounds like a god to me, its just perspective.
Now I'm not relegious, but if you lost and that miracle does not come, then maybe today you where to small and where not noticed or simply god saw you and couldn't be arse. As I almost went the same way, after all said Ladybird is probably splatted on a car windscreen now.

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